Daily Schedule

5:30am-8:30am: Inside Free Activities or Movie

  • This time involves the free flow of inside manipulation, toys and games while the staff waits for all of the children to arrive.

8am-9am: Breakfast and Clean-up Time

9am-9:30am: Circle Time

  • This involves a discussion of who is here and who is not here, which allows the children to develop both verbal and awareness skills. This time also involves a discussion of the activities for the day. Weather will also be discuessed and observed.

9:30am-10am: Center Time

  • This time allows the children to learn in a variety of areas inside/outside including:
    • Writing Center: Allows children to learn how to write their first and last name. Students will learn to write and recognize the alphabet.
    • Perceptual Motor: Develop intellectual skills such as numbers, colors, shapes and sequence (matching, sorting games, puzzles and manipulative).
    • Science, Math Table, Texture Tubs: To experiment with different concepts (amounts, sizes, shapes and colors).
    • Art Table: Expression of creativity, to experiment with colors, shape textures and other materials.
    • Block Building: Develops a sense of balance with objects, creative expression, sorting, matching and socialization. 

10am-11:30am: Class Time

  • 10:30am-11am: Dance Class/Music and Movement
    • Move freely to different *moods* or music with your body, scarves and other props.
    • Children get to experiment with musical instruments and marching.

11:30am-12pm: Outside Activities

  • This allows the children to play in a variety of outside areas including:
    • Tricycles for gross motor skills
    • Climbing apparatus for large muscle development and control
    • Balls for hand coordination skills
    • Jump ropes for body and hand coordination skills
    • Art area to experiment with different colors

12pm-12:30pm: Lunch Time

12:15pm-12:30pm: Clean-up from Lunch and Toileting

12:30pm-3pm: Nap time

  • This time allows the children to nap on individual cots, with blankets that are brought from home.

3pm-3:30pm: Toileting

3:30pm-4pm: Snack

4pm-5pm: Outside Activities

5pm-6pm: Inside or Outside Activities

  • This time involves the free use of inside and outside manipulatives, toys and games while the staff waits for all of the children to depart.

6pm-7pm: Movie

7pm-7:30pm: Dinner

7:30pm-8pm: Quiet Time

8pm-8:30pm: Prepare for Bedtime

8:30pm: Bedtime

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