Program Philosophy

1. Children are respected as valued and unique individuals.

2. Children are provided a healthy and safe environment.

3. Teachers are sensitive to each child's needs and rate of            development.

4. Children learn best by doing, with oppurtunities for choice,      experimentation, and problem-solving.

5. Basic skills are provided through a variety of activities that      are relevant to children's lives.

6. Activities are designed to enhance self-esteem and positive      feelings towards learning.

7. Children develop self-discipline through positive guidance.

8. Our teachers guide children in a predictable, yet flexible,          environment that allows for creativity.

9. Our teachers recognize that they are the parent's partner        and recognize the necessity of ongoing, positive                        commuication.

Children cannot develop in a optimal manner unless their basic needs are met and they can live among nurturing adults who care for them and encourage them in their exploration of the world. Williams Family Childcare pledges to do our best at meeting each child individual needs. One more good reason why we're the child care more parents trust.

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