Our Activities

Enjoyable and Productive Activities

Inside Free Activities or Movie

This time involves the free flow of inside manipulation, toys and games while the staff waits for all of the children to arrive.

Breakfast and Clean-up Time

Circle Time

This involves a discussion of who is here and who is not here, which allows the children to develop both verbal and awareness skills. This time also involves a discussion of the activities for the day. Weather will also be discuessed and observed.

Center Time

This time allows the children to learn in a variety of areas inside/outside including: 

    • Writing Center: Allows children to learn how to write their first and last name. Students will learn to write and recognize the alphabet.
    • Perceptual Motor: Develop intellectual skills such as numbers, colors, shapes and sequence (matching, sorting games, puzzles and manipulative).
    • Science, Math Table, Texture Tubs: To experiment with different concepts (amounts, sizes, shapes and colors).
    • Art Table: Expression of creativity, to experiment with colors, shape textures and other materials.
    • Block Building: Develops a sense of balance with objects, creative expression, sorting, matching and socialization. 

Class Time

  • 10:30am-11am: Dance Class/Music and Movement

Move freely to different *moods* or music with your body, scarves and other props.

Children get to experiment with musical instruments and marching.

Outside Activities

  • This allows the children to play in a variety of outside areas including:

Tricycles for gross motor skills Climbing apparatus for large muscle development and control

Balls for hand coordination skills Jump ropes for body and hand coordination skills

Art area to experiment with different colors

Lunch Time

Clean-up from Lunch and Toileting

Nap time

  • This time allows the children to nap on individual cots, with blankets that are brought from home.


Outside Activities

Inside or Outside Activities

This time involves the free use of inside and outside manipulatives, toys and games while the staff waits for all of the children to depart.


Quiet Time

Prepare for Bedtime


Holiday Schedule 2022-2023

There are NO classes on the following days: